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The neighborhood knows who has professionally installed outdoor lighting and who doesn’t.   While driving though neighborhoods in Tulsa, the primary feature of the house that stands out at night is the outdoor lighting,   It makes the house bright and cozy.   In addition,  the houses with outdoor lighting look more professional and more secure than the others in the neighborhood.  


It is easy to see why outdoor lighting deters burglars and other unwanted guests.   Safety.com reports that houses with outdoor lights are 15x less apt to get broken into than houses with no lights.  And HomeAdvisor.com states that for every dollar spent in landscape lighting, 95% is returned with the sale of the house.    

The Outdoor Lighting Installation Process

The Design

In lighting, we go straight to the design.   Lighting costs are completely formula driven depending on the amount of lights you use and the watts necessarily to run those lights.  Therefore, when we meet we will go over each area you want lit and the best possible way to achieve the desired look.    We bring flags to denote where each light fixture will go in order to keep organized during the design.   After we finish designing, we have one more decision to make…….the design of the lights.

The Fixtures Bulbs

Affordable Irrigation uses only LED lights that come standard with a ten-year bulb warranty.   These lights use approximately 4-6 watts of electricity per light.  However, don’t let the low wattage mislead you.   LED lights do not need the wattage to put out a powerful stream of light.  As an example, the house below is lit with 8-4 watt fixtures using a total of 32 watts per hour.  

The Lighting Fixtures

While the LED lights are common in our fixtures, the shape, size, and light direction are not.   When we design your lighting, we will determine if we want Path Lights, Up Lights, or Step Lights.  


Up Light Used in Landsape Lighting

Up Light

Step Light for Landscape Lighting in Tulsa, OK

Step Light

Path Light for Landscape Lighting Tulsa, OK

Path Light

Every landscape light design uses a combination of these types of lights.  They are then wired to a 150 Volt or 300 Volt transformer.   The transformer can be operated with an electric eye or a timer whichever you prefer.

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